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Put A Toilet In The Corner
Toilets, what a luxury they have become. From that way back when the toilets were out behind the main house. Ah, maybe not everyone will remember when toilets weren’t in the house, and conveniently water ready to flush. We need to thank John Harrington, who invented the flushing toilet in 1596. He was a interesting person, who became a prominent member of Queen Elizabeth I’s court. He was known as her “saucy Godson”. He was not only the inventor of the flush toilet, he was an author, an English courtier, and translator. The first toilet had a flushing valve to let water out of the tank to wash down to empty the bowl. The term ‘John’ used in reference to the inventor.

Today there is such a variety of toilets to choose from including a corner toilet. Some inventive person needed to use all the space in the bathroom and invented this type of toilet. But what is a corner toilet and why would I want to invest in a corner toilet?


Most bathrooms have some empty space that limits what can be put in that and that usually means a corner. Placing such a toilet in that space allows you to use the other place for a cabinet or shelf. What makes a corner toilet so different than other toilets?

The corner toilet has a unique shape that snugs into the corner. These toilets come in a variety of styles; such as one piece or two piece models. They can be elongated or round front bowls. Of course having the correct height is very important. You wouldn’t want to put a compact version in your master bath. And tall people find the really short toilets uncomfortable to use. You will find corner toilets that are water efficient models that flush on only 1.28 gallons per flush.


Keep in mind when coordinating your corner toilet with the sink, tubs or showers. When choosing your toilet, keep in mind that if you keep the color scheme the same will help your bath feel more comfortable. Bathrooms have come along way from the out house that no one really wanted to go to especially in cold weather. No one thinks about great performance from your bathroom until you need it. Knowing how your toilet performs before you need it is extremely important. With the right design your toilet will have great performance and fewer clogs. Your corner toiletwill be a focal point, because of it’s unique design.


This toilet can have Dual Flush Technology. The EPA estimates that you could save 25,000 gallons of water in a year. Using the Dual Flush Technology means you can use the 0,8 low flush for liquids and 1.6 high flush for solid waste. You will love your toilet as it saves you a ton of money and helps preserves the environment. The G-Force high efficiency flush system technology only means you only have to flush your toilet once. You will enjoy the ease of using a ergonomic perfect height and round bowl. The corner toilet has the bonus of a safe and no-slam plastic toilet seat with a easy top flush button.


corner toiletAmerican Standard Cadet 3 Elongated Two-Piece Triangle Toilet has the ADA elongated toilet combination-tank and bowl. This corner toilet is durable and easy to clean vitreous china construction. With ever clean antimicrobial surface allows you to clean toilets with ease. You will find the over-sized 3 inch flush valve really does a great job.

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corner toilet
American Standard Cadet 3 Right Height Round Front Two-Piece Triangle Toilet has an ADA round front toilet combination – tank and bowl. A durable and easy to clean corner toilet. This has an ever clean antimicrobial surface. Having an over sized 3 inch flush valve and a chemical resistant flapper.

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corner toilet

The Toilet White Corner Sheffield Dual Flush Round with the no slam toilet seat. Having this corner toilet is water efficient, with the both low or high flush. It will continually save you money. The flush button is conveniently on the top of the corner toilet.

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Corner toilets are popular and being located in the corner makes them a space saver. Everyone is always in need of more space. Remember just a few tips and buying

> Will you need a round or elongated bowl for your corner toilet
> What height do you need

> Do you want Dual Flush capability
> What about color coordinating
> Do you want the no-slam seat
> What corner will you place your corner toilet in