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Making a selection from a variety of Japanese toilets means owning a luxurious toilet with state of the art technology that makes using the restroom an enjoyable experience. Choosing between Japanese toilets usually means making a decision about how much you are willing to spend on your toilet and what luxuries you aren’t willing to sacrifice. Japanese toilets offer a variety of luxury combinations that are certain to fit your requirements for a toilet. Comparing different toilet models will give you an idea of what your options are as far as price and performance options when you are purchasing a toilet to fit your needs and preferences.

Japanese toilets #1:  TOTO SW554-01 Washlet S300

Japanese toiletsThis toilet model is controlled via LCD panel using a wireless remote. This allows you to command your toilet from different locations in the bathroom if necessary. This model, like most, gives you the option of choosing a rounded or an elongated seat design for your toilet. This choice allows for the maximum amount of comfort while seated and will probably depend on height and size.

The temperature along with the volume of the water in the cleansing mechanism is adjustable to suit your cleaning preferences. The air drying system in this toilet has three adjustable temperature settings. These mechanisms combined create a bathroom environment of thorough and comfortable cleanliness.

This model also has a soft-close seat feature to avoid those annoying sudden slams of the toilet seat lid. Like most Japanese toilets, this toilet comes with an anti-bacterial seat and built-in air deodorizer.

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Japanese toilets #2: TOTO SW502#01 B100 Washlet

Japanese toiletsThis particular luxury toilet model has features that focus on the hygiene of both you and the actual toilet itself. For those who are primarily concerned in the area of sanitation when it comes to making a choice about purchasing a toilet, this choice of Japanese toilets has features that will likely appeal to you.

Like the majority of Japanese toilets, this model comes with a self-cleansing mechanism that is an aerated, gentle rinse of warm water. This feature allows you to feel like you have been adequately cleaned without having to sacrifice your comfort. The personal cleaning method used in most luxury models of Japanese toilets reduces the amount of bacteria you are forced to come in contact with. This greatly reduces the risk of illness.

Along with being concerned with personal cleanliness, this toilet has a somewhat unique feature among Japanese toilets that focuses on making sure your restroom remains as sanitary as possible. It has a built in self-sanitation method. A dual-action cleaning mechanism gives you the added bonus of feeling confident that that your toilet is clean with minimum effort.

For those occasional times that your toilet does need to be cleaned, Japanese toilets have the easiest models to clean because of their design. There is minimal effort required to clean most models of Japanese toilets which means making sure your bathroom is as clean as possible will be easier than ever. Also, like the vast majority of Japanese toilets, this toilet also comes with an anti-bacterial seat.

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Japanese toilets #3: TOSHIBA Warm Water Washing Toilet Seat SCS-T160

Japanese toiletsThis model has advanced technology that will make your bathroom visits among the most convenient and luxurious that Japanese toilets can provide. Along with the standard features of most Japanese toilets that include a warm water rinsing mechanism for maximized cleanliness, it also provides other conveniences that make trips to the restroom a hassle-free experience.

This particular model of toilet has a sensor operated deodorizer that releases a deodorant upon your arrival. An pleasant smell upon your arrival will not only help you avoid those unpleasant smells that sometimes linger but will also add an element of relaxation to your trip to the bathroom. This feature differs slightly from the deodorizing mechanisms of some of the other Japanese toilets available.

In embracing the integration of technology into Japanese toilets, this toilet has adopted a feature that allows for conservation of energy and helps to prevent malfunction. This toilet has an added sensory feature that allows the toilet to detect your presence via sensor. When the sensor is triggered your toilet can then calibrate to your desired settings and adjust its features to your preference. Because the technology of this toilet, along with other Japanese toilets that employ this technology, allows the toilet to power down when not in use, this feature decreases the odds that there will be a malfunction when the toilet is not in use.

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Japanese toilets #4: Toto SW584#01 Washlet S350e

Japanese toiletsThis toilet model has a fantastic feature that is shared by a decent amount of other Japanese toilets that allows for extremely thorough and extensive cleaning after bathroom use. The front and rear temperature controlled rinsing mechanism allows for a complete clean that can leave you feeling confident before you leave the restroom. Along with having an adjustable water temperature, this rinsing system also has a water pressure preference control that ensures comfort while cleaning.

Having a temperature controlled toilet seat is another feature that puts this toilet in the luxury category of Japanese toilets. Making middle of the night trips to the bathroom do not have to mean enduring an ice cold toilet seat. The heated seat feature of this choice of Japanese toilets means that trips to the bathroom can be comfortable no matter the time of day and no matter the season.

State of the art technology also plays a roll in the convenient bathroom experience this toilet provides. A two user memory system allows for the preferences of more than one person to be taken into account. No more arguing over the temperature settings of the toilet seat or the water pressure settings of the rinsing system. With this feature, in addition to the various standard features that accompany most Japanese toilets, gives this toilet an advantage when it households that share bathrooms.

This toilet’s illuminating touch pad makes it easy to make late night adjustments when necessary without having to fumble around. This model, along with other Japanese toilets, has the option of being remote controlled which provides additional convenience when it comes to experiencing the luxury of Japanese toilets.

Other features that come with certain other Japanese toilets that have been added to this corner toilet model include an automatic deodorizer, a warm air dryer for a more comfortable and confident clean, and a night light to add convenience and safety to night time use of Japanese toilets.

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Japanese toilets # 5: Toto SW574#01 Washlet S300e Toilet

Japanese toiletsThis technologically advanced Japanese toilet model includes many features shared by other Japanese toilets. A technological system that allows for preset water and seat temperature settings for more than one user at a time, an option for seat shape choice, a dual action cleansing system, and a feature that automatically deodorizes are just among a few of the many feature this model, along with a variety of Japanese toilets, that create a luxurious and stress free bathroom experience.

The amenity combination of Japanese toilets varies depending on the model of toilet you are in the market for. Things like price and exact specifications need to be compared closely before you make a decision on which Japanese toilet to buy. The varied combination of features between toilet models allow you to find the Japanese toilet model that fits your exact specifications. Finding your perfect toilet without having to compromise is yet another advantage to purchasing a Japanese toilet. While other toilets may leave you feeling like they achieved the bare minimum in toilet performance, Japanese toilet designs give you outstanding performance that goes above and beyond what you would expect from a typical toilet. Finding the toilet that meets your requirements can change your bathroom experiences in ways you didn’t even anticipate. It might require a little bit of effort when it comes to the comparison of each toilet model’s specific design, but the end result well worth the effort put into the search. A Japanese toilet is the difference between a bathroom experience being satisfactory and a bathroom experience being indulgent. Japanese toilets hold the highest standards of cleanliness and comfort in models that fit your price range and feature preferences.

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