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Information on Pressure assist toilets
Toilets usually come in many varieties and the insides of the toilet should be a basis on the criteria you pick your toilet. Most people choose the toilet just by looking at the outer designs, but there is more to look at when considering buying that toilet that suits your need. Toilets often come in two varieties; gravity-flow or the common pressure assist toilets that are mostly found in commercial places like restaurants. Home owners can also choose to buy the pressure assist toilet since they offer a greater advantage when it comes to stronger flushes, the tank inside the tank setting eliminates chances of condensation during chilly weather and the level of water in the bowl will always remain high thus making it cleaner. So what do you look for when purchasing a pressure assist toilet? Consumers should factor in pressure assist toilets that save on water while at the same time managing stronger flushes, pressure assist toilets that have the least tendency of clogging up and with the best comfortability but overall, the best choice of the pressure assist toilet should be its flushing power.

Since your pressure assist toilet will last you for probably ten years, the choice of the material should also be a factor when choosing the toilet. It’s especially wise when choosing the material to ask on whether its durability can be trusted over the years of its use. Most consumers ignore this fact and choose to pick a toilet based on the attraction it has to their eyes. The choice of the pipes used in the toilet.

American standard cadet right height elongated pressure assisted two piece toilets, white

pressure assist toiletWith almost a 5-star customer rating this pressure assists toilet is the product that you will need for your everyday use. The product is designed for commercial use and comes in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and floor or wall mounting models. This pressure assist toilets also come with different unique flushing system such as gravity-fed models or flushomatic-valve plus an additional flowise water conserving model. The American standard pressure assist toilet does not fail on performance irrespective of its ability to save on water. Its efficiency remain an all-time high in commercial use.

The rate of flow is also available in a wide variety, ranging from 1.6gpf to 1.1gpf the American standard pressure assist toilet will be the choice for you. The product features are also the best when it comes to a pressure assisted toilet. The rim height has been given an extra 16- ½ inch so that you can be able to use it for all your application purposes and with an easier time.

The surface too will dazzle you since it will always remain ever clean. Molds and bacteria that inhibit the surface and cause awful smells will not be able to thrive on the pressure assist toilet surface. The pressure assist toilet also has assisted siphon jet mechanism that will guarantee strong pressure flushes leaving your toilet ever clean. The rough-in is also built for the job with a 12inch (305mm) length. The American standard assist toilet also features a combination of the tank plus the bowl.

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American standard cadet elongated pressure assisted two piece toilet, white

pressure assist toiletThis American standard pressure assist toilet is the right toilet for you. It is a high performing toilet that minimizes on water usage while maintaining a distinctive clean flush. The pressure assist toilet is also available in many designs and you can choose from the wall or floor mounted designs whichever will be suitable for you need. The American standard cadet elongated pressure assist toilet two pieces also has flowise technology that reduces the amount of water it uses. It has even a few options when it comes to flushing where you can choose from gravity-fed, flushomatic-valve or gravity-fed actions.

The efficiency of this American standard cadet elongated pressure assisted is not compromised by the different flow rate. From the least 1.6gpf or 1.28gpf and even 1.1gpf the flow rate will still ensure maximum flush rate power and the pressure assist toilet will manage to eliminate whatever comes its way.

The pressure assist toilet comes with an elongated bowl to ensure that its efficiency is not compromised. The combination of the tank and the bowl with a less seat has been incorporated to the toilet’s make. The 12-inch (305mm) length of the rough-in has also been included on the American standard cadet elongated pressure assist toilet. On cleanliness, the toilet doesn’t seem to fail. Fitted with an ever-clean surface, bacteria and molds that thrive on the pressure assist toilet surfaces will not stand a chance when it comes to this toilet surface. When washing the pressure assist toilet, you can be assured within seconds the toilet will be sparkling clean.

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Kohler highline classic pressure lite comfort height elongated 1.4gpf toilet with left-hand trip lever, less seat, white

pressure assist toiletThe performance of this pressure assist toilets can be compared to none other. With an extraordinary flushing ability and water saving features, the Kohler pressure lite toilet is the state of the art toilet that will ensure maximum comfort and unique features. These pressure assist toilets come with a 1.4-gallon flush but at the same time it is designed to save you 2000 gallons of water thus reducing wastage but ensuring maximum efficiency. The Pressure Lite toilet is also built with a left-hand trip lever.

The pressure assist toilet is made from a ceramic material with a less seat that guarantees maximum comfort. The bowl of the pressure assist toilet has also been elongated to ensure best flushing action. The pressure assist toilet is a two-piece of its kind and the 12″ rough in has also been included in the design. The pressure assist toilet has also been designed with great dimensions so that it can suit both your comfortability and the area you might intend to place it. The length stands at 30-1/8″ while the width extends ends at 21-1/4″. The height too has been put into factor when it comes to comfort since the pressure assist toilet is 31-1/4″ tall plus the pressure assist toilet is elongated 1.4gpf therefore when it comes to comfort you can be assured it is state of the art toilet. The product also comes with a one year warranty so if you purchase it and you find it faulty you can return it.

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