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Best Buys in Bidet Toilets
Perhaps one of the most luxurious features of modern bathroom is a bidet toilet. These innovative bathroom fixtures can provide you with comfortable hygiene and can save money on bathroom tissue. Fortunately, you do not have to pay a king’s ransom to buy an addition to your throne room. You also may not have the space in your bathroom for a bidet toilet. These are some of the best buys in bidet toilet attachments that can be installed in as little as 15 minutes: 

Bidet toilet #1: Astor Bidet Fresh Water Spray Non-Electric

bidet toiletMany infections can be traced to inefficient bathroom hygiene. Having a bidet toilet feature on your toilet ensures total cleanliness each time you go to the bathroom. The Aster bidet toilet brings you cleanliness and comfort in one unique bathroom fixture. It is made of durable, high-grade plastic to prevent leaks or rusting. The Astor Bidet has a direct connection to the water supply to provide you with a spray of water for the hygiene what’s much more tender than scratchy toilet paper. Thus you can help the environment.
When the toilet  isn’t in use the spray nozzle is retracted. To extend the nozzle, simply turn on the water spray with the control dial. When you turn it off, the nozzle retracts automatically.
Comfort Adjustable Spray– The Astor Bidet control dial adjusts the pressure of the spray from low to high, according to the preference of each user. It is one of the best bidet toilets that is on the market.

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Bidet toilet #2: The Luxe Bidet MB 110 Non-Electric Fresh-Water Bidet Spray with Single Nozzle

bidet toiletThe Luxe Bidet MB 110 Non-Electric Fresh-Water Bidet Spray with Single Nozzle is the perfect choice for you if you do not want the expense or have the space for a traditional bidet toilet. This bidet toilet attachment easily fits on your standard toilet in minutes. You do not have to be a plumber or need special tools. Environmentally-conscience people often choice bidet toilets instead of rolls of bathroom tissue. The money that you save from buying all the extra bathroom tissue will more than pay for your new bidet toilet attachment. This model connects to your water supply and has a retractable nozzle that provides a jet of refreshing water for comfortable hygiene. The nozzle on this bidet toilet attachment automatically retracts when the water is turned off so its stays completely sanitary. You have the convenience of a control panel to discreetly operate the bidet toilet attachment. Each time you go to the bathroom, you will feel refreshed and clean with gentle sprays of water from your bidet toilet attachment. It comes with all the hardware you need and you just simply snap it together in just a few minutes with a screwdriver. The top-rated white plastic construction makes this bidet toilet attachment easy to clean and sanitize and in fits in with your bathroom décor. The Luxe Bidet MB 100 Non-Electric Fresh-Water Spray with Single Nozzle is guaranteed for a full year to keep you clean and healthy.

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Bidet toilet #3: Luxe Bidet Neo 320 Hot and Cold Water Bidet

bidet toiletIt is always nice to be able to set a comfortable water temperature for your bidet toilet attachment, and the Luxe Bidet Neo 320 does just that in the privacy of your own home. If you have a standard two-piece toilet, you can easily install this bidet attachment to it without any hassle or special tools. It discreetly fits on the side of your regular toilet and can be easily controlled. You can turn the chrome-plated knob to adjust the water pressure to just the way you want it. Having a quality bidet toilet saves money one buying extra bathroom tissue all the time. This attachment features two nozzles for you to adjust your water temperature. You will have a refreshing spray of water that will get your quickly clean. The nozzles have a protective nozzle guard gate and will retract when they are not being used. You will not have any problems cleaning this bidet toilet attachment because it has a built-in clean system that sanitizes it with each use. There will not be any worries of built-up bacteria and other germs. With each visit to the bathroom, you have the assurance of being clean and fresh. Your Luxe Bidet Neo 320 is also guaranteed for over a year and a half for your complete satisfaction. If you have any questions, the Luxe company has a help line available and can answer any questions about your bidet toilet attachment.

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