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It is a very important feature of your bathroom. While buying it for your bathroom, always look for the reliable one. But, it is a very difficult task as there are numerous brands available of toilets and all looks very efficient. So, what to consider while buying a good elongated toilet? Well, buy a one which is according to your height, highly efficient, consume less water, remain ever clean and which offers good flushing system along with a well operating push button. An elongated toilet is very easy to clean because of the ever clean surface; they remain clean most of the time. Some of the good brands are listed below:


elongated toiletAMERICAN STANDARD SIPHONIC DUAL FLUSH ELONGATED TOILETThis elongated toilet fits best in your bathroom, as it doesn’t consume much space, fix easily and available in reasonable prices. This is the best toilet for those who have high heights; it offers you a comfortable elongated bowl and a tall 15 inch seat. These two features provide a great comfort to those who have issues while sitting and standing. One more thing of consideration is that this elongated toilet is made up of two parts that promotes an easy handling and good cleaning. This elongated toilet also offers a suitable dimension that is 15W x 28.75D x 31H.

Some more important features:

Siphon jet is one of the most important features of this elongated toilet that offers high speed flushing capacity. It efficiently flushes the bowl whether small or large by its powerful jet. Moreover, it consists of the dual flush actuator at its top tank rather than a single flush actuator. This technology has improved its working power very much. It consumes much less water and removes large quantities of bulk in its single flush action. Additionally, power rim enhances toilet cleansing property by storing water in its chamber and releasing through rim holes during flush action that thoroughly wash the surface of the toilet.

The push button attached to this toilet also works very efficiently and because of its chrome plated covering it remains scratch free in its life span. One more interesting thing to note is its surface that is treated with additional material that save your toilet from molds, algae and fungus growth and keep it ever clean. This elongated toilet are available in a variety of colors ranging from white to off white, linen and bone. It is also present in various styles and designs that giver your bathroom an adorable look.

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elongated toiletTOTO DRAKE ELONGATED TOILETThe TOTO DRAKE Company also offers good quality American toilet. They offer a combination of elongated bowl and tank in different shades, including cotton white. This elongated toilet is of high quality, functionality and efficiency, as it is featured with good siphon jet having a G-max flushing system, good quality push button and two individual parts for easy cleaning. Additionally, the flushing system of this elongated toiletis 3- valve operating rather than old 2 valve system. It also consumes less space and available in a variety of beautiful designs and shapes that gives a stunning look to your bathroom.

G-max flushing system of siphon jet is the thing that makes it unique. This innovative and new operating jet has enhanced this elongated toilet working capability very much. It doesn’t only consume less water, but also save your earned money. This powerful jet forcefully evacuates all the bulk from the bowl of an toilet without any trouble; indeed this elongated toilet gives you a commercial grade flushing performance. One more unique feature of this elongated toilet is its wide three inch flush valve, which works 125% more effectively than old 2 inch flush valve. The elongated toilet also offers a large water surface and computer designed trap way that greatly enhances its cleaning properties. This elongated of toilet is quite contemporary that offer high profile designs for your high profile bathroom. Moreover, the Toto Drake Company offers reasonable price and color selection of your own choice. This product is quite reliable and is cost-effective.

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elongated toiletAMERICAN STANDARD FAIRFIELD ELONGATED ONE-PIECE TOILETThanks to the durable vitreous china, this elongated toilet is more than easy to clean and maintain. The amount of flush water are just 1.28 gallons per every flush. The very powerful flush of this elongated toilet enables the use of less water beside top performance. The equipment of the elongated toilet includes color matched solid plastic toilet seat and cover. This elongated toilet offers the following dimensions: 30.9 x 26.6 x 18.9 inches. With its 15.5-inch the seat height the American Standard fairfield elognated toilet is a dream to sit down.

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